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World Championship

HostF.C.I.  C.R.P.A.

Organizer : Tianjin Sports Association    Tianjin Racing Pigeon Association

Race events

             180km hotspot

            300km preliminary

            500km final

            ACE pigeon

            World Youth Championship

            This race (comprehensive ranking) has been included in the 7th Tianjin "sports color cup" citizen games "featured events" sports items. Winners of individual and team events will also receive trophies and certificates from Tianjin Sports Bureau.

Collecting time : 2019.4.7-7.10

Collecting place : Tianyuxiang one loft,Tianjin,China

Overseas contact : Sun Zhuyue +86 15043131222

Domestic contact : Zhang Rongyan 18622811600; 13752514444

Tel , fax : 022-67279999

Official website :

F.C.I. Grandprix

HostF.C.I.     C.R.P.A.

OrganizerTianjin Sports Association,  Tianjin Racing Pigeon Association

Entry fee:RMB 1800 (or equivalent foreign currency at the time of payment)/feather

Entry deposit:RMB 1800, turn into entry fee after 80km training

A pigeon with 6 feathers will be eligible for the team race

Race award and prize money distribution

180km hotspot:top 10

medal and RMB 2,000

300km preliminary:top 50

1st-10th, medal and RMB 2,000

11th-50th, certificate and RMB 2,000

500km final:top 300, 

1st, trophy, medal,certificate,RMB 100,000

2nd, trophy, medal,certificate,RMB 60,000

3rd, trophy, medal,certificate,RMB 40,000

4th-10th, medal,certificate,RMB 20,000

11th-300th, certificate,RMB 8,000

team race,top 5, trophy, medal,certificate,RMB 20,000

All homing pigeons (final) will be awarded with a certificate

Notice:The above prize distribution is set when the 2100 pigeons made the payment.If the payment amount of the participating pigeon exceeds 2100, one final award quota will be added for each 8 pigeons. Increase the number of pigeons less than 8, by an integer increments

Ace Pigeon:top 10, medal and prize

           1st medal, RMB 50,000            2nd medal, RMB 30,000

           3rd medal, RMB 20,000            4th medal, RMB 10,000

Overseas contact:Sun Zhuyue +86 15043131222

Domestic contact:Zhang Rongyan 18622811600; 13752514444


Official website:

Collecting time:2019.4.7-7.10  Collecting place : Tianyuxiang one loft , Tianjin , China