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Regulation for FCI Grandprix 2019

I. Institutional Framework

Host unit:Federation Colombophile Internationale (F.C.I.)   Chinese Racing Pigeon Association (C.R.P.A.)
Organizers:Tianjin Racing Pigeon Association 
Co-organizers:  K.B.D.B., 
                         Tianjin Binhai New District Racing Pigeon Association
                         Tianjin qinghua manor one-loft
                         Tianjin sanyuan electrical equipment manufacturing co. LTD 
                         Tianjin dumb bird racing pigeon club
                          Tianjin Tianyuxiang ecological technology co. LTD
Support Unit:   Guangzhou haoyu (whampoa) one-loft co. LTD
                         Longfeier racing pigeon products (Beijing) co. LTD
                         Fanle pet food (Changshu) co. LTD (China, Versailles, Belgium)
                         Xi 'an kaige animal pharmaceutical co. LTD
                         Liu ling drunk brewing co. LTD 
                         Tianjin jinxiang racing pigeon club
The following units will be updated at any time

II. Entry Requirements 

1. The overseas pigeons should come from a member country or district of F.C.I..Domestic pigeons must be members of various provinces and cities of the racing pigeon association (no quota restriction for this race).Once the pigeons are put into the pigeon one-loft, they will be officially entered into the race.
2. The pigeon should wear 2019 ring of its country or district, 30-50 days healthy young pigeons (the quarantine period of overseas pigeons is excluded).
3. Pigeons must be healthy and breeding in place free from epidemic (according to the ban document issued by the state’s quarantine bureau)
4. Domestic pigeons must pass the Chinese official’s entry quarantine inspection before entering the race.

III. Collection Time, Place and Requirements

1. Collection Time: April, 1st, 2019 - July, 10th, 2019
2. Collection Place: China • Tianjin •Tianyuxiang one-Loft  Address: east of Baotian village, Chadian street, Binhai New District, Tianjin  Navigation: Tianjin Tianyuxiang ecological technology manor
3. Domestic fanciers should take pigeons directly to the loft. Fanciers can also make a call to our professional contact of the race committee in advance to arrange collecting pigeon service if air, rail or long-distance transport is required. The transportation cost of racing pigeons shall be borne by the host unit.
           Contact information of reception department: 
           Overseas consulting contact: Sun Zhuyue +86 15043131222
           Domestic consulting contact: Zhang Rongyan 18622811600; 13752514444
                                             Landline, fax: 022-67279999
           Operations executive manager: Yao Yuqiang 13902023180
           Person in charge of coordination: Huang Jian 13901089125
4. Overseas fanciers should apply to the F.C.I. before 2019.5.1 to participate in this race (the specific work in Europe shall be handled by K.B.D.B. of the, and other regions shall be handled by the host country) and arrange the transportation of pigeons to China.

IV. Racing Events, Time and Releasing Place

1. This race sets up 180 km hotspot, 300 km preliminary, 500 km final, ACE pigeon, Team race(admitted in 500 km final),elite race and designated pigeon race(race rules will be announced separately). The time of each race will be determined according to the actual climatic conditions at that time. If the race time is changed, the organizing committee will inform separately.
Note: a team member who has delivered 6 pigeons under one name is eligible to participate in the team race. After paying the entry fee for all the participating pigeons, one group will be generated for each pigeon with more than 6 feathers under the name of one participating member, and one group will be formed according to 6 feathers, and two groups will be formed according to 6 feathers, and so on. The group of pigeons participating in the team race will be automatically sorted and determined by the computer system.
2. 180km hotspot     Time: same as World Championship (the same below)  Place: The northeast line shall be subject to the latitude and longitude actually measured on the ground. The time of each race will vary depending on relevant factors such as climate, the organizing committee will notice according to the actual situation.
3. 300km preliminary  Time: Ditto  Place: The northeast line
4. 500km final        Time: Ditto  Place: Ditto
5. ACE pigeon: The result of ACE pigeon will come out from the results of 180 km hotspot, 300 km preliminary and 500 km final race, put the points together ranked according to the lowest value.
The points ranking formula:  The points=Price×1000/ (basket pigeons ×Distance) 

V. The Entry Fee

1. The entry fee: RMB 1800 (or equivalent foreign currency at the time of payment)/feather, the fee includes RMB 300 for feeding and training.
2. Entry fee payment regulations:
(1) After delivering the pigeons to the one-loft, participants shall pay RMB 1800(or equivalent foreign currency at the time of payment) to the financial department of the race organizing committee as the security deposit.
(2) After the race of 80 km training, the organizer will publicize the information of all homing pigeons. All the participating members shall pay the registration fee to the financial department of the race organizing committee within 7 days according to the number of racing pigeons in storage (The security deposit may be converted into the entry fee).
(3) After the race of 80 km training, the financial department of the organizing committee will refund the participation security within 5 working days if the participating member has no more participating pigeon storage sheds under his/her name.
(4) After the race of 80 km training, if the participating members fail to pay the registration fee within the specified
time, the organizing committee will consider that the participating members give up the qualification by themselves, and the guarantee money will not be returned, the participating pigeons will be handled by the organizer.
(5) The overseas fanciers should pay the transportation fees, customs duties and quarantine fees of their pigeons (The domestic shipment expenses shall be borne by the host unit).
3. Payment method:
   (1) Brought to account
        Account name: Tianjin racing pigeon association
        Bank: Jinzhou bank, Tianjin branch
        Account number: 410100140197081
  (2) Account number for remittance of entry fee
      Bank transfer account
      Account name: China merchants bank beechen branch
      Account number: 621486027399389
      Name of payee: Yao yuqiang
      Account name: China Construction Bank (CCB)
      Account number: 6217000066007461705
      Name of payee: Yao yuqiang
      WeChat, Alipay remittance account is processing, to be announced

VI. Awards and Prize Money Distribution

1. 180 km hotspot: top 10, a medal and prize of RMB 2,000(the same below). 
2. 300 km preliminary: top 50, 
Top 10, a medal and prize of RMB 2,000, top 11-50 a certificate and prize of RMB 2000.
3. Final race: top 300, 
       Prize: 1st place a trophy, medal, certificate and prize of RMB 100,000, 
                 2nd place a trophy, medal, certificate and prize of RMB 60,000, 
                 3rd place a trophy, medal, certificate and prize of RMB 40,000
                 4-10th place a medal, certificate and prize of RMB 20,000,
                 11-300th place a certificate and prize of RMB 8000
                 Team race: a trophy, medal, certificate, top 1-5 prize of RMB 20,000.
      All homing pigeons (final) will be awarded with a certificate of excellence.
      Note: The above prize distribution is set when the 2100 pigeons made the payment. If the payment amount of the participating pigeon exceeds 2100, one final award quota will be added for each 8 pigeons. Increase the number of pigeons less than 8, by an integer increments.
4. ACE pigeon: top 10 will be awarded with a medal
Prize: 1st place prize of RMB 50,000,   2nd place prize of RMB 30,000,   
3rd place prize of RMB 20,000,   4-10th place prize of RMB 10,000

VII. Race Method

1. Implementation of C.R.P.A. “Racing Pigeons Competition Rules and Judgment (2019)”. This race and World Championship, respectively ranked.
2. The results of 180 km hotspot and 300 km preliminary will be counted as the result of homing pigeon on the day of release, and the results of 500 km final will be counted as the result of homing pigeon on the day of release and the next day, and the time of race will be calculated as 30 minutes after the date of release and 30 minutes before sunrise of the next day to 30 minutes after the date of release.
3. 80 km training, 180 km hotspot, 300 km preliminary and 500 km final will have international and national judges appointed by C.R.P.A., the referee work appointed by C.R.P.A. judges’ team responsible for game set pigeons, release, pigeons examination and grade examination. Referee for the final 500 kilometers will be appointed by F.C.I..
4. An arbitration committee shall be established for this race (composition personnel shall be separately announced). Participants may apply written request to the arbitration committee for arbitration of any dispute that the referee has decided in the race.
5. The training will be no less than 15 from 5-80 km before hotspot. There still will be normal home flying after training. If pigeons die or lose during normal home flying among each race, they will be eliminated.
6. Certificate of honour will be issued to all homing pigeons.
7. This race (comprehensive ranking) has been included in the 7th Tianjin "sports color cup" citizen games "featured events" sports items. Winners of individual and team events will also receive trophies and certificates from Tianjin Sports Bureau.

VIII. After the Racing

1. After the race, the winning placing pigeons and overseas pigeons will all be auctioned. 60% of the auction proceeds will go to the pigeon fanciers, 40% to the organizers.
2. If the pigeon is not sold, the organizer will dispose it according to the idea of the pigeon. If the pigeon is not collected within 15 days after auction, the fancier shall be deemed to have given up and the pigeon shall be disposed by the organizer.

IX. Others 

1. The race will be cancelled automatically in case of irresistible force (such as government ban, epidemic outbreaks, and natural disasters during collection or race).
2. According to the rules of F.C.I., professional veterinarians will be invited to take charge of the medical and health care of the pigeons.
3. Official website:
All relevant information of this race will be published on these websites.

X. Chinese Racing Pigeon Association reserves the right to interpret this regulation.