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Pay expenses for FCI Grandprix

The 80 km training of WCH and FCI Grandprix has finished.

We need pay the expenses for Grandprix.

The enter fee: RMB 1800/feather(equivalent amount euros)

The date of paying: 1st-6th, November,2019

Intermediary Bank:  Deutsche Bank AG, Frankfurt, SWIFT Code: DEUTDEFF

Beneficiary’s Bank: China Merchants Bank, H.O.,CMB TOWER,7088 SHENNAN BOULEVARD, Shenzhen, China,  SWIFT Code: CMBCCNBS

Beneficiary’s name:Yao Yuqiang

Beneficiary’s A/C No.:   6214860227399389

If they don't pay the fee on time, they will be considered as given up the right.